Brad J in size 25 is back in stock in all head types.

Never in our long history has a colour caught so many fish in so many places using so many different head shapes run in so many different positions as Brad J. However it seems to perform best on the Shotgun and the Short Rigger position.

The colours pink and orange have never rated highly in our statistics of fish caught on trolling lures so when we developed our new Cat Additive we thought the toughest test would be to use it on orange and pink, the Brad J combination. We called the additive Cat as we're not going to divulge what the additive is.

We do have other colours with the Cat additive added to them.

A pattern showing the current best positions is:

Short Corner: Billy B

Long Corner: Blue Hawaii, Lenny Angel, Slimey Lumo, Angel Lumo

Short Rigger: Boomer, Dark Angel, Kendo, Magnet Blue, Magnet Pink, Magnet Green

Long Rigger: Grasshopper

Shotgun: Brad J, Magnet Blue, Magnet Pink, Magnet Green

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