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About Us

Pakula Tackle Australia

We have chosen to be the point of difference in this industry with a focus on 'leading edge' technology and passing on effective knowledge. The team looks forward to many more years of giving you products and advice to further your enjoyment and success

This information website is where you will find:

• The Pakula Softease Lure range of hand made polyurethane lures.
• The Pakula Paua Hothead Jet range of hand made skirted lures.
• The Pakula Paua Hothead range of hand polished skirted lures.
• The Pakula Original Hothead range of hand polished skirted lures.
• The Pakula Dojo Peche Lure range of lures and matching tackle.
• A range of extra products including gloves, teasers, rigging equipment.
• A library of information on Superseded but popular lure ranges.
• A Library about Game Fishing Tactics, methods and systems.

Our site is designed to be completely interactive as we value input and feedback from our customers. This assists us in our R+D for designing new products and "tweaking" the old!


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