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Changa 60 Jet Paua Size 60 462mm 18.00"

The Changa 60 Jet is a very large jet version of our very successful lure the size 40 Changa and completes the full range of sizes of this lure although the size 60 is the only available in the jet version. For a sliced head, it is very easy to deploy lure and doesn't need an expert to get it run well and have a very high hook up rate.

Name: Paua Jet Changa™ Code: PDSLSJ60 Length: 462mm / 18.00"
Hooks: Dojo 50 and 60 Min Class: 37kg Recommended Leader: 400lb
Position: Long Corner and Long Rigger Main Colours: Lenny Angel, Blue Angel, Fallen Angel, Magnet Blue


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