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Bug Original 3.25" Size 02

The Original Hothead Bugs are tiny 3.25" lures that extend the range of micro game fishing lures. These lures are hard heads and like all of our lures, hand poured polyurethane. These lures will attract any predatory fish, all of which eat small baitfish. The smaller the baitfish the more likely it is to be eaten as it's an easy meal. 

Even though the Bugs are tiny they are a game fishing lure for all species from Tailor, Bluefish, Kingfish, all Tuna species and sizes and also Billfish of all sizes, therefore we recommend that leader no lighter than 80lb be used. 
Hook size is Dojo size 15 or if targetting bigger fish, Dojo size 20.

The image at left shows Bug on the left and Skippy on the right


Name: Hothead Bugs Code: PBU Length: 85mm / 3.25"
Hooks: Dojo 15 or 20 for Billfish Min Class: 2kg Max Trace: 100lb
Position: All positions Main Colours: Brad J, Hot Betty, Blue Crystal MT, Magnet Pink, Fallen Angel


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