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GI Jo Jet Paua Size 60 450mm 17.50"

The GI Jo Jet is a larger jet version of our incredibly successful lure the Smoking Jo. We have increased the face, the shoulders and the back taper based on the Smoking Jo version that Bob Ash caught 11 striped marlin on in NZ in one day. The lure has a very consistent cycle with a tight swimming action. Easy to use and easy for the fish to target.

Name: Paua Jet GI Jo™ Code: PDSLSJ60 Length: 450mm / 17.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 50 and 60 Min Class: 37kg Recommended Leader: 400lb
Position: Long Corner and Long Rigger Main Colours: Evil Angel, Arc Angel, Fallen Angel, Illusion, Blue Crystal



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