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Changa 40 Paua Size 40 402mm 15.75"

Cpt Jack Ross of Hawaii showed the lures he made to Peter Pakula in 1988. On seeing this classical Locknut run on the Shotgun Peter Pakula commented that it was the best looking sliced head he'd seen and that he wouldn't bet against it. Cpt Ross gave Peter the rights to reproduce this lure which he did under the Pakula Pirate series in 1988-93.

We are very happy to include this version of this spectacular lure in the Pakula range.

Name: Paua Changa Code: PSCL40 Length: 402mm / 15.75"
Hooks: Dojo Size 40  Min Class: 24kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Long Corner, Long Rigger and Shotgun
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