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Jets, Lumo Face, UV2, Paua Insert, Keeled, Softease

Our Best Selling Colour

Colour: Brad J  (UV - Lumo - CAT)
The fastest selling colour in the shortest time in our history

Our Latest Colour

Red Bait Billy (UV -Lumo - CAT)
Worked in the first hours we put it to the test

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Inovative Products

By supporting Pakula products you support innovation. These include being the first in the introduction and promotion of the additives
- Lumo
- UV additives
- UVAten
- Cat

We were the first to do Witchdoctor Exciters, and the Polyurethane Production System which we improved on in 2015 for our Paua ranges to increase production speed to keep up with demand and the acceptance of Cup Faced lures leading to the most copied lure on the planet, the Lumo Sprocket. We were also the first to make logo eyes, skirts without those nasty Plastisol eyes, and our latest additive CAT.

We were also the first the bring 3D printed lure heads to the market which opens up a whole new world the development of head shapes and new techniques for the various uses of skirted lure trolling as teasers and hooked lures.

Information and Education

Right from the start, we knew that there's no point having a product that is confusing and intimidating to novices without offering them all the information we can. We realised that it's all well and good to give as much advice about how to use our products, we also realised that there was a great need for information about the sport itself.

Over the years Peter Pakula has given many lectures, held many schools in many parts of the world and has created a very large online library, and video channel which includes The Between the Lines, which after selling over 30,000 CD's is now free online. He is also the first to do live club Webinars.

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Affiliate Program - Passive Income for You

Thankfully a lot of our business comes via personal recommendations from our successful customers. We have always believed that there should be a win-win situation in what we do in our relationship with our customers.

Affiliate Programs are experiencing huge growth because anyone can take advantage of them. For example. a Charter Boat operator can use them to not only promote products they use but get a percentage of sales derived from sales of products they promote. In fact, anyone including you can take advantage of the program.

If you have your own website you can join our affiliate program, pointing the people you talk to to your generated affiliate links of any of the products you link to on our site will give you a percentage of the price when they buy your recommendations on your site.

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us on LIVE HELP by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page.

What is an affiliate program?
To join the Pakula Affiliate program Sign up here.



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