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Pakula Tackle Techology

We have spent over 40 years developing products for game fishermen. We are very proud of being the first to promote luminescent glow in the dark colours and the trademark Lumo® is ours. We were also the first to introduce ultra violet additives and have recently introduced UVAten to our range. This additive changes colour in direct sunlight via gamma rays. We were also the first to develop the Polyurethane production system into the world of lure making. There are many more products that we developed first such as the Witchdoctor, Shackle Rigs, Keel and Swivel rigs plus many others. Our commitment is to keep the innovations coming to you help you gain greater success and pleasure in your fishing pursuits.

Pakula Lure Heads

All Pakula Lure heads have Lumo® and UV2 Additives. We design lure heads to more than just work in specific positions over a wide variety of boat sizes and setups at various trolling speeds in conditions from calm to gale force. We design lure heads to also carry rigs in a stable manner to maximise your hook-up rates.

Pakula Lure Skirts

All Pakula Skirts are custom designed to meet our suppleness, colour and size specifications. All have UV2 additives and many have Lumo® and UVAten® additives. We do sell replacement skirts and offer a re-skirting service.

Pakula Rigs

Our success is based on more than fish just striking at lures. We need you to hook up to them! Pakula Tackle has spent as much time developing rigs and hooks as we have developing heads and skirts. We offer the highest success rates with our Shackle, Keel and Swivel rigs using our custom made Dojo Hooks.


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Our Objectives

Inovative Products

By supporting Pakula products you support innovation. Our innovations include being the first in the introduction of Lumo and UV additives, Witchdoctors, the Polyurethane Production System, the acceptance of Cup Faced lures leading to the most copied lure on the planet, the Lumo Sprocket. We were also the first to make logo eyes, skirts without those nasty Plastisol eyes, and our latest additive UVAten.

We are now the first the bring 3D printed lure heads to the market which opens up a whole new world the development of head shapes and new techniques for the various uses of skirted lure trolling as teasers and hooked lures.


Information and Education

Right from the start we knew that there's no point having a product that is confusing and intimidating to novices without offering them all the information we can. We realised that it's all well and good to give as much advice about how to use our products, we also realised that there was a great need for information about the sport itself.

Over the years Peter Pakula has given many lectures, held many schools in many parts of the world and has created a very large on-line library, and video channel which includes The Between the Lines, which after selling over 30,000 CD's is now free on-line.

Pakula Articles
Between The Lines
Pakula YouTube Channel

Our Affiliate Program

Thankfully a lot of our business comes via personal recommendations from our successful customers. We have always believe that there should be a win-win situation in what we do in our relationship with our customers.

If you have your own website you can join our affiliate program, pointing the people you talk to, to your generated affiliate links of any of the products you link to on our site will give you a percentage of the price when they buy your recommendations on your site.

If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact us on LIVE HELP by clicking on the red Icon on left side of the page.

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Customer testimonials

Capt. Swampy Perrin (Master Mariner) South East Queensland

" Since I was a child I have idolized Peter Pakula and his Game Fishing knowledge and accessories. Through reading Peter's literat ..."
Capt. Swampy Perrin

Shredder in South Africa

" Hi Peter I would like to thank you for your fantastic lures. I had a mate of mine who works in Australia get me 4 size 15 3D Shr ..."

Sunshine Coast Qld

" Hey mate I'm Michael Lassen from the SCGFC and I joined half way through the season and I have a pakula addiction. There the only ..."
Michael Lassen

Customer service

" First rate response to a recent query ,replied straight away and left me very satisfied , great customer service , will be back agai ..."
Craig spicer

New Website

" Hi guys great website I absolutely love it. A great well done. Austi n Malta "
Austin Psaila

Live Help

Live Help from Peter Pakula

If you would like some advice on which lures to get, suggested rigging, or even working out how to order on this store we are here to help make it easay for you. Just Click on the image above. Our On-Line help is text based and you can exchange photos, files and video plus you can email the conversation to keep a record of our conversation. It's a great tool, please feel free to take advantage of the service. Please note our time zone is East Coast Australia - Operating hours are 8am to 9pm. Outside of these hours please leave a message.

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