Cockroach Paua Size 25 222mm 8.85"

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Cockroach Paua Size 25 222mm 8.85"

Main The "Mighty" Cockroach works well in all trolling positions. Though primarily a short rigger lure since the introduction of the rest of this range which is better in the other trolling positions. The Cockroach has an aggressive action that hugs the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure has gained an enormous reputation, quite simply because it works so well!

Name: Paua Cockroach® Code: PDRO20 Length: 222mm 8.85"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25 Min Class: 8kg Max Trace:150lb
Position: Short Rigger (all positions) Main Colours: Frigate, Hot Rigate, Black Betty, Billy B