Rat Paua Size 40 365mm 14.35"

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Rat Paua Size 40 365mm 14.35"

The Rat is the short rigger lure. The action is an aggressive swimming with a wide head shake and great sonic boom when it breathes. It will hug the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure works for all larger game fish. The Rat is a Striped and Black Marlin favourite. The Frigate Rat is now a "standard lure" in St Thomas and the Bahamas

Name: Paua Rat Code: PDRO40 Length: 365mm / 14.35" 
Hooks: Dojo Size 40   Min Class: 24kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger Main Colours: Frigate, Hot Frigate, Billy B, Black Betty