Cannonball Jet Paua Size 60 410mm 15.90"

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Cannonball Jet Paua Size 60 410mm 15.90"

The Cannonball Jet is a monster of a lure. It is the updated version of the original Beer Barrel's big brother the Satelite - circa 1986. It is the rough weather master, working in all sea conditions in all trolling positions, though it is primarily a short outrigger and short corner lure. It has a violent head shake action creating maximum sonic vibrations that fish find irresistible.

Name: Pakula Cannonbal™Jet Code: PDSSJ60 Length: 410mm / 15.90"
Hooks: Dojo Size 50 and 60 Min Class: 37kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger