Paua Jets

Paua Jets

Paua Insert, Lumo Face, Softease, Jets, Keeled, UV2 Additives

Pakula Hothead Jets are the state of the art in technical lure making with full through head ported jets, the newest Lumo, UV and Fluorescent additives available on the market housed in a faux shell insert that because it is round flashes colour and light consistently. To top this off the lures are also Keel weighted to help the lure remain upright and increase your lure and rig stability to offer you incredibly high hook up rates when using the Pakula Twin Hook 60 Degree Shackle Rig, or the Pakula Keel Rig. The material used in the production is also unique in its toughness for maximum durability with a shore hardness of 87. Production of all Paua Heads is now in our Softease Medium Density Polyurethane

These lures are in very limited supply, if you cannot find what you want here please email what you want via the contact page or via the live chat where you can talk to us or leave a message.

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