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Tagline Rubber Bands


Size KG Colour Line Class
18 2.21 Blue 6 and 8kg 12 and 16lb
33 5.14 Yellow 15 and 24kg 30 and 50lb
35 5.14 Natural 15 and 24kg 30 and 50lb
67 11.33 Green 37 and 60kg 80 and 130lb

A quick explanation about the KG rating of the rubber bands.
For many years we’ve been testing something like a boat cleat and checking them with a set of scales with a reasonably fast pull.
I found that to be inaccurate. 

These bands are rated as in use as follows.
- While stretching the rubber band do 12 to 15 turns on your main line.
- Pull the end on the lure side through the other and pull tight.
- Put that end on your tagline. 

Variables are in how much you stretch the band, how tight the wraps are and how thick your tagline is. The rating is based on the average using 130lb Dacron taglines. If you use a thinner tagline then the band will break (cut) easier and the band will likely stay on your line. If you use thicker cords then the band will break most often where the band end passes through the other and the band will come off the mainline.

There are certainly other variables so it’s a good idea to get the breaking strain for your set up by testing them in your set-up.

Please check that your outriggers can handle the breaking strain of the rubber bands.

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