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Shredder in South Africa

" Hi Peter I would like to thank you for your fantastic lures. I had a mate of mine who works in Australia get me 4 size 15 3D Shredder's from you last year. I fished off Durban in December and I caught lots of Tuna and Dorrado with them. The highlight was on the 29th of December, I was coming back from the deep and decided to pull them over a area close in shore for some Tuna. I set the spread and put my Lumo Uvaten in the shotgun passion. The shotgun rod bent and the reel started sing the best tune in the world. We cleared the lines and I settled down for the fight, as I put on the pressure a stunning marlin broke the surface. To cut a long story short after 2h55 I had it next to the boat (It was released to fight another day). I was totally out gunned, I was fishing with a TLD 25 with 15kg line and a 16kg Fluorocarbon leader just tied to the main line. By the end of the fight I could hardly turn the reel handle and had to use my thumbs for the drag, the reel was toast LOL. It was my first marlin ever and it was on my own boat, a experience that I will never forget. Kind regards Mike. "
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If you would like some advice on which lures to get, suggested rigging, or even working out how to order on this store we are here to help make it easay for you. Just Click on the image above. Our On-Line help is text based and you can exchange photos, files and video plus you can email the conversation to keep a record of our conversation. It's a great tool, please feel free to take advantage of the service. Please note our time zone is East Coast Australia - Operating hours are 8am to 9pm. Outside of these hours please leave a message.

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