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Dojo Hooks are custom made specifically for Pakula Tackle Australia. The hooks are double ground pre-sharpened, made in Korea using high strength 402J2 Stainless Steel.

Dojo Hooks are very short hook with a wide gape and turned in beak point shaped to maximise hook up rates.

To minimise confusion with hook sizes Dojo hooks sized according to their gape. This is a useful method to choose the right sized hook. For a skirted lure, the hook gape should equal the lure head diameter. Dojo Hooks are for live baiting, as a jig assist hook and most applications requiring a great hook hook up rate using a strong sharp hook.

Note that points and barbs are generic as the same hook can be used with several line classes. This often means that points and barbs should be filed or ground to suit.

WARNING: Dojo Peche Hooks are super sharp and will easily penetrate most things they come in contact with including humans and anything surrounding them. They should be handled with extreme caution even by those with experience.


Guide for which rigs to use for Pakula Lures:

Light Gauge Dojo Hooks - sizes 15 to 40 are for line classes 4kg to 15 kg minimum drag 2kg maximum 5kg
X Strong Gauge Dojo Hooks - sizes 25 to 40 are for line classes 15kg to 37kg minimum drag 5kg, maximum 18kg 
XX Strong Gauge Doko Hooks - sizes 45 to 60 are for line classes 37kg and 60kg minimum drag 12kg maximum 50kg

Size 25/04 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 04 lures

Size 25/10 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 10 lures

Size 25/15 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 15 lures

Size 25/25 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 25 lures

Size 30 - are size 30 hooks - length for size 30 lures

Size 35 - are size 35 hooks - length for size 35 lures

Size 40 - are size 40 hooks - length for size 40 lures

Size 45 - are size 45 hooks - length for size 40 lures

Size 50 - are size 50 hooks - length for size 55 and 60 lures

Size 60 - are size 60 hooks - length for size 55 and 60 lures

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