Keel Rig Weights

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Size 20 Keel Rig Weight (5 pcs per pack)

To Fit Size 20 Dojo Hooks and most 7/0 hooks Weight:   25gms Length:    47mm Width:     12mm Hei..

AUD $ 11.29

Size 35 Keel Rig Weight (5 pcs per pack)

To suit size 35 Dojo Hooks and most 10/0 hooks. Weight:  39grams Length   58mm Width     16mm He..

AUD $ 19.17

Size 40 Keel Rig Weight (5 pcs per pack)

To suit size 40 Dojo Hooks and most 11/0 and 12/0 hooks. Weight:  48 grams Length   67mm Width   ..

AUD $ 22.58
Keel Rig Weights

The Pakula Keel Rig weights will increase your hook up rate on all Skirted Trolling Lures.

The Pakula Keel Rigs were first introduced in the late 1980's. Since then we have developed them to a point that anglers can easily adapt to the system using the Pakula Keel Rig weights and increase their hook up rates considerably.

Further Information: Pakula Keel Rig Weight Article 

How to Make a Pakula Keel Rig

Availabale in Chartreuse and Pink – you will be asked to select colour when you add to cart.