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AirHead Size 35 11" 280mm

Pakula Airhead 3D printed teaser lures for Fly / Bait and Switch

Anyone who is interested in teasing billfish, whether for fly shots or just for the hell of it should take a look at the NEW range of lures Peter Pakula has, called Airheads. I'll have to take some credit for these, its been an ongoing project of mine for some time and I have a bunch of various lures that I've mangled in the process of trying to produce what I wanted. These lures are a system. The heads only have one outer
skirt. The second skirt is pulled over the belly fla...p or what ever else you're using for taste and then pulled up inside the head. The plan is that you can have a range of the internal skirts rigged and do some mixing and matching. It took Pete about 5 minutes to figure out what I wanted and only 2 prototypes. We trolled on in New Guinea recently on our last morning looking for a sailfish for Wazza Smith. In a fishless ocean we raised a sail that Dean Butler teased and Wazza got the hooks into but that was as far as it got, story of the trip really. Contact Pakula if you're serious about teasing billies, for fly in particular.
Peter Morse

How to Rig Pakula Airheads

To order spare skirts 
Size 35 Airheads use size 35 skirts

AirHead Size 35
-20 %
AirHead Size 35 AirHead Size 35
-20 %
AirHead Size 35
-20 %
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