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22 May Pakula Lure List and Links
Peter 0 2310
A full list of Pakula Lures, Links and Specifications, To go to the lure page just click on the Lure name in blue:    Name Range  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class   Leader  Head Length ..
20 Mar Use Google Chrome Browser
John 0 121
We have made checkout much easier. Like most online stores this site is optimised for use with the Google Chrome browser. You may have problems using Safari or Internet Explorer. If you don't have it installed you can download it here: Download Googl..
20 Mar Pakula Classic SS Game Hooks
John 0 119
The Classic hooks are made from 420JR-grade stainless steel which is the same as most other heavy gauge hooks on the market and is the standard grade used in high-grade chef knives. They are solid hooks for drag settings 5kg and over, i.e. 15kg and o..
20 Mar Pakula Colour Combinations
John 0 176
We have a graphical and text list of Pakula Lure Colour Combinations to help you choose the right skirts to use to skirt your Pakula lures or lures you've made yourself.To confirm lure sizes use the lure specification pages.Click here to go to the Pa..
20 Mar Pakula Aussie Witchdoctors
John 0 121
Yes I know it's taken us a long time to get back to making the 'OLD STYLE WOOD AUSSIE MADE PAKULA WITCHDOCTORS' They are now in production and will start coming off the production line at the end of October 2008. They have the old style wobble and th..
20 Mar Instagram @buypakula
John 0 92
Please join us on Instagram with the handle @buypakula to give updates on products and your successes. Also please post your catches and perhaps about our online store experience with us If you can't find our products in your area we have the full pa..
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