3D Icebreaker


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The Icebreaker had an pet project that has been on the drawing board almost since Peter Pakula started making lures, waiting for the technology to make it became available. With 3D printer technology the Icebreaker has at last become a reality

Icebreakers are made in our Australian facility. After the success of the Shredders we have added more 3D printers so that we can complete orders quickly.

The Icebreaker is quite complex, with a number of innovations: 

The Icebreaker has three venturie jets on it's lower face and two side flow jets at its top and a central stabilising bulb. The internal walls are double thickness. The bottom internal face is a twenty degree slant to it's midpoint housing the 3 venturi jets then becomes flat, housing the two side flow jets and the stabilising bulb.
The central venturi jet has a bib with a short bulb back to aid in diving and compressing the air even more than the other two venturi jets. The brand Pakula is embossed on the top the lure in larger sizes. The veruri jets are radically tapered and curved to maximise stability and the venturi effects giving a long condensed smoke trail and added vibration and sonics to enhance the great swimming action this lure has.


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